Fee Schedule

Banking Charges

Outgoing Wire Transfers (Domestic Bank)

$25.00 per wire

Incoming Wire Transfers (Domestic Bank)

$8.00 per wire

Returned Check, ACH, Wire & Recall/Stop Payments

$30.00 per item

ACH Notice of Correction

$5.00 per notice

Third Party Journals (TPJ)

$0.05 per journal


$20.00 if amount is less than $10,000. If amount is over $10,000, 0.2% of unsettled amount. 

Third Party Distribution Notification

$2.00 per notification

Account Services

Outgoing ACATS transfer

$75.00 per account

DTC Delivery (of Paper Stock Certificates)

$25.00 per security

Electronic Statements & Confirmations


Paper Statements

$5.00 per statement

Paper Confirmations

$2.00 per confirm

Overnight Mail - Domestic

$50.00 per request

Overnight Mail - International (including Canada)

$100.00 per request

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