Do you hold large positions in individual stocks?

Over 10% of your portfolio in a single stock?

Diversify, monetize, and borrow without a sale

Get access to advanced products used by the ultra-wealthy to manage large stock positions.

SEC registered
Secure & private

Working with employees from 100+ companies

Working with wealth managers at


Exchange Funds

Diversify without a sale

Invest in quality portfolios

Over the last 30+ years, the NASDAQ-100 has grown at an annual rate of 14.74%, outperforming the S&P 500.

1 year


5 years


10 years


30 years


The Cache Exchange Fund lets you diversify your holdings and track the long-term performance of NASDAQ-100

Nasdaq-100 Performance (Avg Annual Return)

Over the last 30+ years, the NASDAQ-100 has grown at an annual rate of 14.74%, outperforming the S&P 500.

1 year


5 years


10 years


30 years


instead. All without a giant tax bill.

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Stock Lending

Lend stocks and earn income

Turn equity into earnings with minimal risk. Cache lets you lend equity and passes most of the revenue to you.

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Collar Advance

Borrow up to 90% on your stocks

With the Cache Collar Advance, you can borrow what you need for life’s big purchases—all with deferred taxes, upside participation and certain protection against market turbulence.

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Tax-Optimized Sales

Optimize the stocks you sell

Whenever you need to sell, our algorithms recommend optimal stock lots to sell and minimize your taxable gains.

AAPL @ 124
AAPL @ 98
@ 92
DASH @ 68
DASH @ 79
Optimal Realized Gain

A powerful suite of products

Our brokerage offers products to optimize your entire large stock position. Unlock the ultra-wealthy playbook and build a strategy that best fits your needs.

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Trustworthy by design

Registered with SEC

We've built Cache in strict accordance with current security and tax laws.

Cache is a Broker–Dealer and Investment Advisor registered with SEC and member of FINRA. We’ve worked closely with preeminent law firms and regulatory firms to make sure our products are compliant.

Exceptional asset safety

We do not hold your assets.

Our exchange funds are held at BNY Mellon, the world's largest custodian bank. Brokerage assets are held at Apex, the leading clearing broker used by Robinhood, Ally, Wealthfront, and more. Our deep partnerships with battle-tested providers assure asset safety.

Appropriately insured

We ensure your peace of mind.

Your Cache account and exchange funds are each protected by SIPC up to $500K in stocks. Our custodian (BNY Mellon) and clearing broker (Apex) have ample private insurance atop SIPC to protect you for any unforeseen losses above the SIPC limits.

Secure and private

We take your security and privacy very seriously.

Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit using 256-bit AES encryption. All system access requires multi-factor authentication. And we will never monetize your private data.

Trusted by leaders in tech

Cache has built a compelling set of products for folks holding a large stock position, freeing strategies only available through a private wealth advisor. Their product is spot-on for their audience.

Gokul Rajaram

EXEC at DOORDASH, Board member at pinterest and coinbase, CACHE INVESTOR

Cache makes it simple for those with concentrated stock positions to diversify. For tech employees, it's a no-brainer. Use Cache to achieve a diversified portfolio without selling stock and incurring capital gains taxes.

Judy Abad


Whether your company IPO'ed 10 years ago or yesterday, Cache is a broker that provides incredible tools for diversifying your stock and growing wealth. Their product is well designed, accessible to all accredited investors, and built with deep research on tax-efficient investing.

Michael Bloch


A bespoke brokerage,
built for you

Our team has worked at major tech firms, where we faced the problem of concentrated stock first-hand.

And while the world of private wealth had specialized products for this issue, they were inaccessible to most of us. To change that, we created Cache.

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