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How does the reservation and investment process work?
How does the reservation and investment process work?
Updated over a week ago

We’ve streamlined the enrollment process by moving it all into an online portal where it’s efficient and easy to make reservations and manage clients. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account for our Advisor Portal, to get started. You’ll be able to check availability instantly – and we’ll track any positions that are currently oversubscribed.

  2. Account Setup: When a client receives an allocation, they can set up a brokerage account with Cache via our online platform.

  3. Transfer of Shares: Once the account is set up, shares can be transferred from the current brokerage to Cache. This transfer is facilitated through standard automated brokerage transfer processes such as ACATS if initiated on the Cache platform, or DTC transfers if initiated on counterparty brokerage.

  4. Fund Signoff: Before the close date, they will sign off on the subscription documents and confirm their intention to participate in the fund.

  5. Fund Close Date: On the fund's closing date, post market close, their shares are automatically absorbed into the fund.

From the time an allocation is made, the process takes less than a month. We also have monthly fund closings, so allocations frequently become available for oversubscribed positions.

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