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What's the process for joining an exchange fund? And how long does it take?
What's the process for joining an exchange fund? And how long does it take?
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The Cache Exchange Fund has a streamlined enrollment process that’s intended to make participation easier and more accessible for investors with a concentrated position. It takes about a month from the time an investor is invited to the fund to when they officially join.

If you are an investment advisor:

Your timing will be similar, but please request allocations for your clients via our Advisor Portal. Check availability or log in here.

Here’s a typical timeline:

  1. Indicate Your Interest:

    Joining an exchange fund starts with sharing some information about yourself and the stocks you may want to contribute to the fund. It just takes a moment to share some basic information.

  2. Matching and Allocations:

    The goal of The Cache Exchange Fund is to bring together shareholders to build a diversified portfolio that’s benchmarked to an index like the Nasdaq-100. To meet this goal, our Investment Team carefully balances the amount of different stocks we match to the fund. When you indicate your interest, we look to see whether your stocks are a match. Matching can happen instantaneously, or it can take several weeks or months if we have too much of a given stock.

  3. Accept Your Invitation: When you match and receive an allocation to the fund, we’ll send you an invitation to join. Accept the invitation by opening a brokerage account with Cache, verifying your eligibility and accredited investor status, and then transferring your stocks to Cache. This process takes a few minutes for you to complete, but it can take two weeks or more for stocks to be transferred by your institution.

  4. Sign Subscription Docs:

    Once your account is set up and ready to go, you’ll review and sign subscription documents that lay out all the terms and conditions around participating in the fund.

  5. Final Inspection:

    Several days before the fund closes, you will have an opportunity to review the composition of assets in the fund and details about the real estate investment. These final details aren’t available until you and other participants have contributed their stocks and signed the subscription agreement.

  6. Closing:

    Assets for the fund are held in an escrow-like state until the fund closing. The net asset value and each participant’s pro-rata share are calculated based on the value of the shares upon market close that day.

  7. Receive Your Fund Shares:

    The day after the fund closes, your shares will be granted and you will officially be a participant in the fund.

This entire process takes place in the Cache platform, and it’s easy to complete.

If you have more questions about exchange funds, you may also want to check out Exchange Funds 101, or our deep dive on the mechanics of exchange funds.

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