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How does Cache determine who gets an allocation and how big each fund is?
How does Cache determine who gets an allocation and how big each fund is?
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Our funds currently aim to create a diversified portfolio by approximating the exposure of the Nasdaq-100 index. This approach requires us to select a mix of securities that collectively resemble the index without being overweight in any single asset.

For example, if interest in contributing a particular stock is high, we might quickly become oversubscribed on that stock and stop accepting investors for that stock – at least until we receive enough interest from investors in other stocks to maintain a strong correlation to the benchmark.

Building funds that approximate the performance of a diversified index requires our Investment Team to constantly analyze the reservations we receive from potential investors.

To make allocations, we’ve developed an investment algorithm that considers factors like benchmark weight, factor exposure, sub-sector allocation, and benchmark correlation plus beta considerations. This analysis helps us track our target benchmarks while meeting demand across the entire universe of publicly-traded stocks – not just names in the index.

If you’d like to know whether an allocation is available for your stocks, you can see whether you’re a match here.

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