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What are the goals of the Cache Exchange Fund?
What are the goals of the Cache Exchange Fund?
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With our exchange funds, our goal is to help you diversify your large stock positions tax efficiently. Specifically, we bring together investors to form funds that approximate the performance of a broader index. Our current funds are benchmarked to the Nasdaq-100.

An investor should view our exchange fund as a way to obtain growth exposure in their portfolio while reducing concentration risk. While many tech stocks loosely track the performance of the Nasdaq-100, its performance over time has surpassed most of the individual stocks it contains:

How the diversified Nasdaq-100 index compares to individual stocks like Meta, Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, and Nvidia.

Source: Bloomberg data, Cache analysis.

As an index, the Nasdaq-100 also tends to have less volatility than its constituent stocks while maintaining a similar upside profile. Like index funds, exchange funds also carry certain risks, including the loss of principal.

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