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Can I contribute stock from the company where I work?
Can I contribute stock from the company where I work?
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You can probably contribute fully vested stock in your company, but it can depend on your company’s policies and your position in the company. If you’re not sure, that’s okay. Tell us about your situation and we’ll help you figure out whether you’re eligible to participate before you contribute.

Many large firms like Apple, Nvidia, Microsoft, Meta, Tesla, and Amazon have friendly policies.

Generally, we would like to see more companies follow the standards set by Apple. In their 2022 Proxy Statement, they included this language: "We allow for certain portfolio diversification transactions, such as investments in exchange funds."

Also note that employees may be subject to company rules about trading windows and blackout periods. We can work with you to ensure that your investments are done during an open trading period.

See more details about eligibility, or about the process for enrolling.

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